Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain's Brain on Sarah Palin

Here’s John McCain talking on NPR about Sarah Palin’s insights into foreign policy, based on Alaska's proximity to Russia:

MCCAIN: Well, I think the fact that they have had certain relationships, but that’s not the major reason she has stated, and you know that. The major reason she has stated is because she has the knowledge and background on a broad variety of issues, including probably the major challenge of America, and that’s energy independence. And she has been responsible, taken on the oil companies, and we now are going to have a $40 billion natural gas pipeline. She has oversighted the natural gas and oil and natural resources of the state of Alaska and, by the way, quit when she saw corruption there. She has the world view that I have. She is very highly qualified and knowledgeable.

Good God! Merely talking about Sarah Palin makes you stupid: the natural gas pipeline has nothing to do with Alaska's proximity to Russia and almost nothing to do with foreign policy.

Besides, as Gary Tuchman of CNN has authoratively established, Alaskans may be able to see Russia from their shore but Sarah Palin's never been there. Why does that not surprise me? It's not like she's been anywhere else.


mowgli said...

"Talking about Sarah Palin makes you stupid". Just a tad over the top, wouldn't you say? Did you see the VP debate where Joe Biden, 36-year veteran of the Senate and member of the Foreign Relations Committee, did not know Lebanon wasn't a NATO country? And he was chosen to give Obama foreign policy expertise!!!

Bozomon said...

Not over the top at all: It's a non-partisan effect.