Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whining about the liberal media

Did Sarah Palin think she could come out with her pit bull teeth bared at the Republican convention and not have that come right back at her again?

Did she think she could insist she was ready to be the Vice President, a heartbeat from the presidency, and not have people quiz her on her knowledge and qualifications?

Did she think that she could utter hardly a word to reporters for a month and avoid having each and every word that finally emerged dissected under a microscope?

Did she think she could spew gibberish in content and form—talk in sentences, already!—and no one would notice?

On September 30, the New York Times reported that, in one of the Alaska gubernatorial debates, Sarah Palin answered a criticism of how few debates she had attended by claiming to have ‘balls’: “‘It’s been a year today that I’ve been on the campaign trail,’ Ms. Palin responded, ‘attending many, many more forums, more debates, than either one of you, Tony and Andrew, because I had a primary opponent. You know, you got to have the balls to take it on in the early part of a campaign, and not just go right to the big show.’


Perhaps it is time for Ms. Palin, and her Republican handlers, to grow a pair.

Magic Word

Tip for Sarah Palin:

So when the cat has got your tongue
There's no need for dismay
Just summon up this word
And you've got a lot to say...

Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious

With props to Mary Poppins, who said it first.


I can't say where I got this. I promised not to ruin her well deserved reputation for goodness and decency.


Sarah Palin is like a goose, overstuffed with words by her Republican handlers, and now it's a mess comin' out both ends.

Bike Update

Back in July, I had my old grad school bike tricked out for the 21st century.

Worked out great!

Only had to put gas in the car once between early July and now.

Went grocery shopping, coffee house hopping, Lowe's bopping and more, all on my bike.

Got my blood work from the lab, and for the first time in recorded history: I am in the 'normal' range for everything!