Friday, October 17, 2008

Guest Post: Anatomy of a Distortion

[With thanks to my mom, for giving permission to post her work here.]

Did you know?

Senator John McCain's brother lived for months in 2003 with an Alexandria, VA woman who was arrested by Washington, DC police during a radical mob protest which stormed an embassy, terrifying the occupants. Anne ("Anarchist Annie") Monahan was incarcerated in shackles but, reportedly due to political pull, escaped prosecution in the left-leaning D.C. court system.

She met McCain's brother Joe, a sometimes writer and actor, through theater connections. He moved into her plush Alexandria townhouse in 2003, just as the Iraq war began. Alexandria is often referred to by right thinking Virginians as "The Peoples’ Socialist Republic of Alexandria."

Monahan, known in ultra-liberal circles for her virulent opposition to the Bush administration and the Iraq war, has a long history of radical beliefs and behavior. Sources said her own mother often called her a "holy terror."

Monahan marched in anti-Vietnam war protests and sheltered New York college agitators in her home while living in Maryland. At the time she was employed by U.S. Senator Charles E. Goodell, a peacenik legislator from New York whose staff comprised a den of radical thought and anti-administration activity.

Although she maintains the guise of a kind grandmother type, Anarchist Annie is a vocal participant in an Alexandria group which meets weekly in a nearby coffee house, frequently and loudly plotting the radical liberal politics for which Alexandria is noted.

Obama campaign signs adorn her house, she sports an Obama button at all times and has been observed "canvassing" otherwise peaceful neighborhoods for the Obama-Biden ticket. Interestingly, Joe McCain recently referred to Alexandria residents as "communists", leading to speculation that he was part of Monahan's far left political circles. "How else could he know about the Commies?" an observer noted.

McCain, a senior advisor in his brother’s presidential campaign, could not be reached for comment on speculation that he is a mole for ultra-liberal elements hoping to defeat the senator from Arizona.

Evidently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree: Monahan's daughter is a professor of sociology at a Montana university. "We all know sociology is the euphemism for teaching socialism and terror in the United States," a Virginia resident said.

But really...

The anatomy of distortion is shown by comparing the above with the truth: The Rev. Anne Monahan, an Episcopal minister, was arrested in the mid-80s for protesting apartheid at the South African embassy. She was one of a group of 80 clergy and laity, led by Bishop John Walker, who staged a peaceful protest. Before arriving at the embassy, the group filled out booking cards for the convenience of the DC police who were to arrest them when they approached too near the embassy.

Wearing plastic handcuffs, the protestors were cheerfully and peacefully transported to the DC lockup where they were booked and released on their own recognizance. In accord with an agreement reached prior to the demonstration, charges were later dropped.

Mrs. Monahan met Joe McCain through her husband, Will, an actor, and the three became friends. When Joe needed a place to stay during a personal transition, he moved into the Monahan's home. Mrs. Monahan was serving a Delaware church at that time and the house was vacant most of the time so McCain became their house sitter.

The Monahans did participate in the Moratorium Against the War and offered one night’s housing and meals to four University of Buffalo students whom they found, hungry and without shelter, on the steps of a Capitol Hill church. ["They were groovy," recalls Monahan's daughter who was five years old at the time.]

Mrs. Monahan was employed as a staff assistant by Senator Goodell. Her main responsibilities were processing grants and loans for sewer systems upstate. Goodell was one of the first Republican senators to oppose the Vietnam War.

The coffee group is a meeting of retired professionals who discuss current events, films, plays, philosophy and good places to eat.

The Monahans' daughter lives a peaceful life, teaching and catering to two beautiful and personable cats. [One of them is named Bessie.]

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Rick Stutzel said...

I know all these people.
I know Communists.
And they, sir, are no Communists!!!
(However, they are certainly distorted!! That's what makes them so lovable!)