Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food: 4 for 11, not bad

From Tara Parker-Pope of the New York Times, 11 best foods we're not eating.

I've got four of these in the house.

1. Cabbage. I buy it already shredded, purple and green, mixed with shredded carrots. It's packaged by "Duncan" from California in a little plastic bag with a twistie tie. It feels like it is something between fresh and sealed in an airtight bag. On the advice of Mark Bittman, I put it in a bowl and mix in some olive oil and rice wine vinegar, and let it sit an hour. Great cole slaw.

2. Cinnamon. I put it in the egg batter for French toast. I'm not sure that's the best way to eat it, though!

3. Tumeric. This doesn't have much flavor but adds a nice yellow/orange glow to a pork curry dish that I make. Again, I may be cancelling out its benefits with how I eat it.

4. Frozen blueberries. In the freezer, to mix with plain yogurt and granola.

Pomegranate juice? I don't drink any juices -- too sweet. Haven't eaten a pomegranate since high school.

Sardines? Do anchovies count? I love anchovies.

And I expect my CSA to deliver swiss chard, beets and pumpkin this year. Little Heathens has instructions for how to make pumpkin for pie from scratch. I plan to try this.

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