Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As I countdown to my departure, I'm already anticipating what I'll miss about Providence:

  • Walking up and down hills in my beautiful neighborhood.
  • Seeing familiar faces on my route: An older man bundled up in a yellow rain coat, a smiling woman with swinging arms who walks fast, a whole bunch of dogs.
  • All the unstructured time, with no appointments and no outside demands.
  • Indian, Thai and -- most especially -- Vietnamese food.
  • Starbucks, I'm a little embarrassed to admit.
  • Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
  • The view of the State House from the top of College Hill.
  • The literature section in the Brown Bookstore.
  • Feeling smart and relaxed and competent.
  • Doing laundry at the laundry mat (seriously).
  • Being able to walk everywhere (oops, I can do that at home!).
  • Having my favorite colleague down the hall and his family just down the street.
  • Being a train ride away from my family and major league baseball.
  • The New York Times, daily, on paper.
  • Baked goods in Providence (sublime! divine! added inches to my hips!).
  • Sleeping soundly at night, knowing all the noises I hear are for someone else to fix.

What I won't miss: humidity, insects, washing dishes by hand and passive-aggressive garbage collectors.

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