Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bucket List

On Monday, I got a letter from a college professor in Canada. It seems I am on his bucket list. To paraphrase, he wrote:

I have terminal cancer. I am dying. But before I die, I had to write and tell you how much I hate your book. Too much Durkheim, not enough Weber. It's a disservice to the field.
So I and my co-authors have achieved a bizarre status where a total stranger thinks about us as he lays dying. One of my co-authors wants this on the cover of our second edition.

It made me wonder, however, what I would be doing if I were him. I'm not profound, I realized: I would be eating donuts.

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will monahan said...

Okay I checked and I agree with you. I'll take the donut.

I'm sure your grandfather would agree with us. Armand is home. He got a great welcome. All his women friends missed him. He's weak but that's probably from the sedations with which Alexandria overdosed him.

He will now get physical and occupational therapy as long as he progresses. But hospice organizations say he is too healthy for their services.

Here's to Sept. 28 and 100 and counting.